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Rajasthan Temples >> Nathdwara Temple

Another place that can add some lofty feelings to your mind is the temple in Nathdwara. Though Udaipur is populated with temples, to explore more about the mythical tales of India make a sure visit to the Nathdwara temple in Udaipur. Spiritual minded tourists attracted largely to the Udaipur temples. Though Nathdwara is few kilometers away from Udaipur there are also many popular temples to be traveled in Udaipur.

Nathdwra is 48 kms in the north east of Udaipur. Traveling to Nathdwara temple from Udaipur by the rental coaches will take some 90 minutes. The Nathdwara temple is situated on the banks of Banas River. If you are traveling to Nathdwara temple by public transport then also it is quite easy as there is frequent communication system from Udaipur. The nearest railway junction to Nathdwara is Mavli. The word Nathdwara means the 'gate of the lord'. Nathdwara is a famous pilgrimage for the Hindus. The principal shrine in this temple is Shrinathji, which is again another form of Lord Krishna.

The Nathdwara temple is a holy place for the Vaishnavas. It is also the center of Pushtimarg Sampradaya a principle laid down by Jagat guru Sri Vallabhacharya. The main idol of Nathdwara temple is Srinathji, which is carved out of one piece of black marble. The Nathdwara temple is also known as the 'Haveli of Srinathji'. It was once the palace for the Rajput rulers.

Thousand of devotees line up in front of the temple in the early morning to serve the Lord. In the Nathdwara temple to pay your offerings to the lord you need to visit at any of the eight prescribed time slots. These eight specified time slots are collectively known as Ashtaya. Here are the name of those eight individual time slots like Mangala, Shrungar, Gwal, Rajbhog, Uthhapan, Bhog, Sandhaya Aarti and Shayan. During each of the time slots the devotees and followers chant hymns and lyrics in praise of the lord.