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Temples in East India >> Arunachal Pradesh >> Parashuram Kund

Parasuram kund is located 13 miles north-east of Tezu,District Headquaters of Lohit district - a growing town, famous for its scenic beauty. Thousand of pilgrims visit this place from all parts of India every year during Parasuram mela held in the month of January.
Parashuram (also spelt as Parashurama) Kund is magically transformed from a sleepy old place to an amazing congregation of seething humanity on Makar Sankranti Day, which normally falls in mid-January.

Every year, by the end of December, frenzied activity is witnessed in this sleepy desolate place. The local administration starts gearing up to construct shelters for the thousands of pilgrims who will be streaming into this area around mid January. Along with the shelters, public facilities like toilets, ration shops, medical centers and arrangements for drinking water also come up in record time. Elaborate law and order arrangement is also made. The age-old inner line regulation introduced by the British in 1826 requires pilgrims to obtain permits before crossing the Arunachal-Assam border.

Tucked away in a remote corner of the state, lies a pilgrim spot relatively unknown as compared to other sacred places of India. However, Parashuram Kund has been a source of spiritual inspiration to lakhs of devotees since time immemorial.

Legend has it that when Parashuram killed his mother with an axe at the behest of his father, the axe got stuck to his hands. He roamed all over India visiting holy places to atone for his sins, but the axe remained stuck to his hands. Ultimately, he came to a Kund known as Brahma Kund, now in Lohit district, on the advice of some sages. He took a dip in the holy water of the Kund and the axe immediately became unstuck and fell from his hands. With a big sigh of relief and venting anger on the axe, he picked it up and threw it as far as he could into the mountains. The axe split the mountains, and the spot where it fell became the source of Lohit River. It was thus that this Kund came to be known as Prashuram Kund and now it is one of the many revered holy spots in the country.

When to visit : During the period, November to Feb.

How to reach : By bus from Tinsukia.

Where to stay : Circuit House Tezu/ Hotels

Nearest Airport : Mohanbari (Dibrugarh).

Nearest Bus stand : Tinsukia. (direct).

Nearest Railway Stn. : Tinsukia.

What to see : P.Kund,Glow Lake, Tezu.